Our Story

Doopser South Africa brings a new range of great quality products to the market for new and expecting parents.
After having been involved in the baby industry for a number of years there was a definite perception of only a handful of brands within South Africa which moms could approach for their breast feeding needs. With options limited and prices high it was apparent a new approach was needed.
After 2 years of hard work to ensure the quality of the product was something we could be proud of and put our name behind , Doopser South Africa was launched.
We have worked with feedback from numerous moms , nurses and lactation consultants to ensure our products offer the value and performance we expect. 
Our focus is to be a leading brand mothers and parents can come to and trust along their breastfeeding journey.
With our range of products steadily growing we see ourselves as becoming a one stop shop for your breastfeeding needs.
Our customer feedback is taken to heart with any improvements we can make to our brand to improve the experience being a top priority for us.

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