Doopser Glide | Manual Breast Pump

Doopser Glide Manual Breast Pump

Our pump is the perfect choice for busy moms who need a convenient and discreet way to express breast milk. The Glide manual pump is compact and discreet which means you can use it wherever is most comfortable and convenient for you. This Pump offers ultimate convenience for moms on the go.

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  • Small and discreet for easy storage on the go
  • large ergonomic handle for easy pumping
  • BPA Free plastic bottles
  • Food grade silicon

What's In The Box

1 x Pump Unit
1 x Wide Neck Bottle with Silicon Breast Shield
1 x Diaphragm
1 x Bottle Adapter
1 x Nipples
1 x Disc Collar
1 x Bottle Lid
1 x Manual

Additional Product Information

Our breast pump will not only save time and effort, but also help to maintain your milk supply, particularly if your baby cannot drink directly from the breast or you are separated from your baby for long periods at a time. Our Breast Pump will not only stimulate the ongoing production of breast milk, which is always best for your precious baby, but allow you to build up a stock of your milk. When you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk will flow more easily.

Silicone Flange - A great feature of the  Doopser breast pump is the raised silicone flange insert. This soft silicone flange insert coupled with our dual stimulation modes massages your nipple and aureole with a gentle and even pressure to encourage milk flow for expressing.

Ergonomic Handle- The handle design offers a comfortable and easy position to grip while pumping helping to eliminate fatigue whilst expressing


FOOD GRADE SILICONE - The use of food grade silicon ensures a healthy and safe environment for expressing your milk.


BPA FREE PLASTIC - Bisphenol - A is a commonly used compound in the manufacturing process for plastic storage containers. This chemical can be harmful for your health and we have ensured our bottles are certified BPA FREE for peace of mind

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