Microwave Sterilising Bags

Doopser Microwave Sterilising Bags 

The Doopser microwave steam steriliser bag makes cleaning your bottles, nipples, and breast pump parts easy and convenient, even when on the go. The microwave steam steriliser bag kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs within just 90 seconds of use. It is easy to use with clear step by step instructions printed directly on the bag. Each bag can be used up to 20 times, which you can track directly with the check boxes printed on the bag. The clear view window allows you to check whether the parts are positioned properly in the bag for optimal results. Package includes 5 microwave steam sterilise bags for up to 100 cleans

Features and Benefits

  • Small and compact vs traditional plastic containers 
  • Each bag can be used 20 times
  • special marking grid on the back of the bag
  • 1 bag takes 2 complete bottles/1 complete breast pump set
  • Depending on the strength of microwave wattage it could take up to 1 minute to completely sterilise the contents of the bag.
  • BPA free plastic for peace of mind

What's in the box
x 5 Microwave steriliser bags

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