Milk Storage Bags

Doopser Breast Milk Storage Bags give you the freedom to store expressed breast milk for later use with the assurance that the contents are fresh.

The Breast Milk Storage Bags each have a blank printed section to write down the date and time at which the breast milk was expressed and stored. 


  • Perfect, portion controlled 150 ml capacity
  • Convenient panel to easily identify the date, and time you expressed the milk
  • The bags are pre-sterilized, and come ready to use
  • Bags have a wide, stand up base for efficient packing inside the fridge or freezer
  • Spout design for easy pouring of breast milk from storage bag into feeding container.
  • BPA free plastic
  • Leak proof seal


Directions for use

  • Express breast milk using your Doopser manual or electric Breast Pump
  • Wash hands well with soap and water before handling the pre-sterilised bags
  • Inspect bags before use and dispose of if damaged
  • For your reference, mark each bag with name, date and time when you expressed the milk
  • Tear open horizontally along perforated edge, at the top, in direction of the arrowhead
  • Hold opened bag with one hand and use the other hand to pour freshly expressed breast milk into the bag slowly, not filling the bag beyond 150 ml. This allows space for expansion when frozen.
  • Before sealing bag, squeeze out air and use fingers to zip close the bag
  • For best results, keep the bag upright, in separate hard sided container until the milk has frozen
  • Store breast milk bag in the back of the fridge for up to 24 hours or back of freezer for up to 3 months
  • If milk is thawed / defrosted it must be used and cannot be frozen or stored again. If milk is not used it must be discarded.
  • Store milk inside the fridge close to back section to ensure constant temperature is maintained.
  • Storing close to the door creates temperature fluctuations and can affect storage length of milk 

Defrosting Milk For Feeding

  • Defrost the oldest breast milk first. Check reference date and time written on each bag.
  • Allow frozen milk to defrost overnight in the fridge or for immediate use, immerse bag in warm (not hot) water until milk is fully defrosted
  • Never thaw frozen milk at room temperature, as this will enable bacteria to multiply in the milk
  • Never thaw breast milk in microwave oven or boiling water. This will reduce milk’s nutritional value.
  • Only warm your defrosted milk, after milk has been completely thawed and defrosted
  • Discard any remaining milk. Do not refreeze thawed or partially thawed breast milk.



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