Custom Feeding Pillow

Plonkey Donkey Feeding Pillow

Our Plonkey Donkey is a light hearted take on the standard feeding pillow moms' have come to know over the years.

A feeding pillow has been a staple for breastfeeding moms' for more than 25 years. It allows moms' to hold their baby in a variety of positions while making it comfortable for both of them when nursing.

Beyond breastfeeding, the Plonkey Donkey can be used to prop babies up, help them with tummy time and provide some soft cushioning and support as they're learning to sit.

The ​slipcover comes in a variety of colours and styles, and both the covers and the pillows are machine washable.

In case you want to have an extra one on hand while the other is washed you can have multiple covers in your cupboard

When not in use the Plonkey Donkey can easily find a home in your nursery and not look out of place as it adds a fun touch to your decor.

Our Plonkey Donkey is locally hand made and proudly South African.


Washing instructions

  • Remove pillow from main cover
  • Wash main cover on 30 degree cycle with moderate detergents
  • If pillow requires cleaning this can be washed on a moderate cycle in your washing machine with the main cover
  • Allow pillow and cover to air dry
  • Ensure all items are completely dry before placing pillow inside main cover.


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