Spare Parts

A full range of spares is available through our website for all our Breast Pumps.

Please read the list of part names listed below and match the number listed to the picture to ensure you are purchasing the correct part.

If you require any further assistance in purchasing and spares or are unsure of your part name please contact our team directly.

Parts List

  1. Upper Cover (PP)
  2. Suction Silicone 
  3. Breast Pump Tee (PP)
  4. Flange Piece
  5. Silicone Flange Insert
  6. Suction Valve (Silicone)
  7. Feeding Bottle (PP)
  8. Adapter Cable
  9. Breast Pump Body (ABS)
  10. Silicone Tubing
  11. Nipple (Silicone)
  12. Screw Cap
  13. Bottle Cap
  14. PVC Connector
  15. Connector T Piece
  16. Inner Bottle Cap (PP)
  17. Manual Handle & Suction Silicone

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